Networking – Always be prepared

When you go to a networking or other event always be aware of the image you create and make sure it is the one you want it to be. Know that your image represents who you want people to think you are and is consistent with your goals. Also do your research who do you want to meet what do you now about that person. When I went to an event called “Tea for Two Hundred” and wanted to meet Sheila Nevins, President of HBO Documentaries to ask her to speak at another event. I prepared and when I met her I was able to get her to agree. I went with a positive intention and made it happen. At a womens networking event I attended recently I was surprised to meet a number of women who had not remembered to bring their business cards. They could collect cards and get back to people they meet but it would seem better to have their cards with them and they should have them always. It is about being prepared. Plan ahead and you will be happier with the outcome.