Importance of Image in Public Relations

Ella spoke at Marymount Manhattan College on March 10, 2016 feedback from attendees of Allison King’s Public Relations class:
Students thought you were brilliant, elegant, stylish, intelligent, a strong role model but down to earth and approachable.
They couldn’t stop talking about you. You made quite an impact and you inspired them.

Do you have the “Style Chip”?

Amy Schumer said she wasn’t born with a “style chip”. Many people weren’t and that is why you want to engage an image consultant. Why struggle with something that isn’t your strength? Contact me and we will make your image work for you.

The word IMAGE

Let’s analyze the word IMAGE:

I    – Impact: you want to be sure that it is what you’re aiming for.

M – Meaningful: be sure the look represents who you are and want to be.

A  – Attitude: a positive one makes all the difference

G – Greatness: having confidence comes through and leads to greatness.

E – Excitement: being excited about what you’re doing makes you shine